Accelerator Classes


BigTeam allows for the seamless sharing of feedback and expertise within organizations and networks. The platform allows users to master the art of asking powerful questions while connecting them with the right people to answer them from their department, company or external networks.  


Trevor Wolfe


CaribShopper is a platform that is focused on removing the borders around online shopping for the Caribbean community by giving them full access to retailers, payment options and logistics within a technological ecosystem.  


Kadion Preston

Tennyson Preston

Case Status

Case Status is an attorney/client platform that keeps clients up-to-date on the status of their case in real-time.  Case Status saves attorneys time communicating with clients, it creates a better client experience, and it allows attorneys to streamline and capture more client referrals.  


Lauren Sturdivant
Andy Seavers


Cemento smartly connects all the stakeholders in residential and commercial construction projects. Cement  automatically provides an accurate and relevant picture to everyone working on the project - contractors, subcontractors, supers and suppliers. With everybody on the same page, mistakes are eliminated and resource utilization is optimal..


Dov Litmanovitz
Tomer Shohet


CommissionTrac was created to streamline and automate all commission and accounting processes for modern brokerage companies. Easily integrate with CRM, Quickbooks, Property Management platforms and more. Track lease renewals, manage commission pipeline, track production, agent draw plans, agent expenses, manage split plans and agent distributions, general ledger accounting and more.


Turner Levison
Daniel Levison


Fixel is a fully automated segmentation tool that ranks your website audience according to their level of engagement.

By implementing the tracking code across your site, Fixel tracks user interactions and applies these into a Machine Learning model to identify which users engage most. Once Fixel learns your users, a Real-Time Predictive Analytics layer is applied to highlight users that are likely for higher engagement directly into the advertiser’s ad platforms.


Etgar Shpivak
Hadar Shpivak


PadSplit provides modern shared housing that rolls your main living expenses into a simple fixed payment. Now you can focus on your career, savings, or education with a great place to call home.


Atticus LeBlanc


Motivo creates an easier path to licensure for therapists and social workers who live in rural areas.  In the past, the mandatory consultation hours needed for licensure occurred only through expensive in-person sessions. Recent legislation changes now allow these hours to be collected online through secure video conference.  Motivo provides a directory of mental health professionals and a HIPAA-compliant video platform for secure consultation sessions.


Rachel McCrickard


SAWA is an automated graphic design platform. It lets marketing teams create on-brand campaign assets for every channel--instantly.


Francis Tao


PowerSpike is the turn-key tool for livestreaming influencer marketing, currently focused on Twitch. We give developers, publishers and brands the tools needed to create an influencer program from scratch, and empower streamers to turn their passion for content creation into a lifestyle business through paid sponsorships.


Angelo Damiano
Eric Rice
Michael Paris


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